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How To - Adding single unit to subfolders in Document Handling Module

Understanding the logic of the Parent and Subfolders in Document Handling Module can be very useful in resolving issue related to document management.

The Parent folders can propagate units distribution list to sub-folders and further to child folders within the sub-folders when parent inheritance is enabled. However, in order to add units to a subfolder under a parent folder, those units must have been added explicitly to all the parent folders not inherited from parent or grand parent folders. 

For example; In a case, where the units (unit A, unit B, unit C, unit D) are added to the Parent folder say 'Plans and Manuals' and inherited by a sub-folder (child) called 'Energy Efficiency' and another sub-folder (grand child) located in 'Energy Efficiency subfolder'  and called 'Management Plan'. 

In order to add a single unit say 'unit C' to 'Management Plan', parent inheritance must be disabled first and the 'unit C' must be explicitly added to the parent folder 'Energy Efficiency'.

If the 'unit C' have not been added to  Parent folders 'Energy Efficiency', attempting to add the unit to the sub-folder produces the error ' The parent folder for this folder is not available on the selected unit'. 

Once you have added the units explicitly to the parent folder, you can choose to add a single unit to the subfolder without any errors. 

Also, this allows you to delete the unit from the subfolder without affecting the parent folder. However, if the units are inherited from the parent folder, deleting them from the subfolder will automatically delete them from the parent folder too. 

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