TM Master Common Errors

5.2.0 SendAsDeniedException error when using for emails

The "5.2.0 SendAsDeniedException" error message that can occur when using Microsoft's SMTP server is due to the techniques Microsoft uses to fight spam. Please note that this error comes from the mail server and is simply forwarded to you through the TM Master v2 interface. If you encounter this error message either in your TM Exchange logs or when trying to send emails from TM Master v2 (including RFQs and POs in the procurement process), then you or your IT department need to explicitly allow the email account you have set up for SMTP in TM Master v2 to send emails as the relevant user email accounts. You can find step by step instructions from Microsoft on how to this here:

Please note that due to the "Test SMTP" and "Test settings" functions using a hardcoded dummy email address, these tests will continue to trigger the error even after you have made the changes described above. For this particular issue you should disregard the SMTP test result and instead test by sending an email from TM Master v2. We suggest for example that you try sending a report or an RFQ to your own email address. If this succeeds then your settings are working.

If the error occurs when sending emails from TM Master v2 (including RFQs and POs in the procurement process) do the following:

The account set up for sending such emails in your database can be found under [System -> Settings -> Mail settings -> SMTP login name]

Make sure that the "SMTP login name" account is allowed to send as all relevant user email accounts using the instructions from Microsoft linked above.

If the error is found in the TM Exchange logs do the following:

Go to [System -> TM Exchange settings -> Settings] and make sure that [Sender address] is the same as [User name], or if you want them to be different use the instructions from Microsoft linked above to allow the [User name] to send as [Sender address].

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